Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hi parents,

What an exciting month in Room 19, I can’t believe we are half way through the term already.  The class has been learning so much as they fly through the days. We have enjoyed our swimming days in the pool and the children’s confidence and skills in the water are growing rapidly. A big thank you to those parents who have been helping with the swimming. With your help we are able to maximise our time in the pool and the children also love having their parents there. 

I am testing the children on their reading levels this week and am pleased to see the benefits from the hard work the children have put into their reading.

In our writing programme we have created some interesting cameos this month, some of which are published on our wall. Our goal at the end of the term will also be a class newspaper.  I’m looking forward to seeing the work from our Room 19 reporters.

Next week we will be completing our environmental art sculptures and we’re looking forward to having photos of these in these placed in the environment.  We will also have completed our water powered rockets and look forward to launching then on the field.  The children’s task was to design a rocket to protect an egg on re-entry.  I imagine there will be excited budding engineers watching to see if their rockets can survive the landing.

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